Update: Re-entry Plan and Remote Learning Options


To: All South Hamilton Stakeholders

From: Dr. Ken Howard

Re: Re-entry Plan and Remote Learning Options

Some of you may have listened to the Governor’s press conference this morning. The theme of the session was “IN-PERSON” student and staff re-entry back into the school buildings this fall. The reality is many individuals may not be comfortable returning to in-person classes this school year and others who believe that is the best course of action for their children. DO KNOW that even if South Hamilton decides to hold classes on campus the district MUST provide REMOTE or Hybrid options for the families who opt to learn at a distance any time throughout this school year. The district will be affording a more specific re-entry plan early next week that will reflect this and several other details per instruction, day-to-day operations, and facility adaptations. The following is a short segment noting the two Hybrid schemes within the district’s educational delivery plan

More information will be forthcoming.

HYBRID (options)

Hybrid Option A: Family Choice Model 

Under this hybrid plan, South Hamilton schools are open and are offering on-site learning, however, an online learning option is available for K-12 grade students that would like to choose an alternative setting. Meaning, families that are not comfortable returning to on-site school for COVID related reasons can apply to participate in online learning as part of this hybrid model. Since school is open, this online choice option would be classified under our Hybrid learning plan. South Hamilton will provide eligible students with online learning taught by a certified South Hamilton teacher.

Hybrid Option B: District Decision 

If the district needs to reduce the number of students on-site, this Hybrid model may be implemented. South Hamilton schools will have students in PreK-12th grades attend school on-site learning however students would rotate on alternating days and/or weeks to reduce the number of students on-site at one time. Cohort sizes would be reduced. Students may attend school on-site 50% and 50% online.

Please note: More information will be provided later the details of this hybrid model.