Series 700

Series 700 – Noninstructional Operations and Business Services

Series 700 – Noninstructional Operations & Business Services
701.1 Depository of Funds
701.2 Transfer of Funds
701.3 Financial Records
701.4 Governmental Accounting Practices and Regulations
702 Cash in School Buildings
703.1 Budget Planning
703.2 Spending Plan
704.1 Local State Federal Miscellaneous Revenue
704.2 Debt Management Policy
704.2R1 Post Issuance Compliance Regulation for Tax Exempt Obligations
704.3 Investments
704.4 Gifts-Grants-Bequests
704.5 Student Activities Fund
704.6 Online Fundraising Campaigns – Crowdfunding
705.1 Purchasing – Bidding
705.1R1 Suspension and Debarment of Vendors and Contractors Procedure
705.1R2 Using Federal Funds in Procurement Contracts
705.2 Purchasing on Behalf on Employees
705.3 Payment for Goods and Services
705.4 Expenditures for a Public Purpose
705.4R1 Use of Public Funds Regulation
706.1 Payroll Periods
706.2 Payroll Deductions
706.3 Pay Deductions
706.3R1 Pay Deductions Regulation
706.4 Use of Credit Cards
707.1 Secretary’s Reports
707.2 Treasurer’s Annual Report
707.3 Publication of Financial Reports
707.4 Audit707.5 Internal Controls
707.5 Internal Controls
707.5R1 Internal Controls Procedures
708 Care, Maintenance and Disposal of School District Records
709 Insurance Program
710.1 School Food Program
710.2 Free or Reduced Cost Meals Eligibility
710.3 Vending Machines
710.4 Meal Charges
711.1 Student School Transportation Eligibility
711.2 Student Conduct on School Transportation
711.2R1 Student Conduct on School Transportation (Regulation)
711.2R2 Use of Recording Devices on School Buses (Regulation)
711.3 Student Transportation for Extracurricular Activities
711.4 Summer School Program Transportation Service
711.5 Transportation of Nonresident and Nonpublic School Students
711.7 School Bus Safety Instruction
711.8 Transportation in Inclement Weather
711.9 District Vehicle Idling
711.10 School Bus Passenger Restraint
712 Technology and Data Security
712.R1 Security Requirements of Third-Party Vendors Regulation