Series 600

Series 600 – Education Program

600 Statement of Guiding Principles for the Education Program
601.1 Types of School Organization
601.2 School Calendar
601.3 School Day
601.4 Instructional Time Audit
602.1 Multicultural and Nonsexist Education
602.2 Basic Instruction Program
602.3 Summer School Instruction
602.4 Special Education
602.4E Integration of Students with Disabilities (Exhibit)
602.5 Talented and Gifted Program
602.6 Program for Students at Risk
602.10 Physical Education
602.11 Technology and Instructional Materials
602.12 Citizenship
602.13 Adult Education
602.14 Cocurricular Activities
602.15 Curriculum Development
602.16 Curriculum Implementation
602.17 Curriculum Evaluation
602.18 Curriculum Evaluation-B
602.20 Religion and Public Schools
602.20R Religion and Public Schools (Regulation)
602.21 Religion Based Exclusion from School Program
602.23 Competent Private Instruction
602.24 Dual Enrollment
602.25 Home School Assistance Program
602.26 Virtual_Online Courses
603.1 Basic Instruction Program
603.2 Field Trips and Excursions
603.3 Homework
603.4 School Library
603.5 Selection of Instructional Materials
603.5E Weeding Policy (Exhibit
603.5R Instructional Materials Inspection (Regulation)
603.6 Objection to Instructional Materials
603.6E1 Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee (Exhibit)
603.6E2 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials (Exhibit)
603.6E3 Sample Letter to Individual Challenging Instructional Materials (Exhibit)
603.7 Inspection of Instructional Materials
603.8 Teaching Controversial Issues
603.9 Outside Resource People
603.10 South Hamilton Community School District Technology Acceptable Use Policy
603.10E1 Employee Acceptable Use Policy and Network User Agreement (Exhibit)
603.10E2 Student Internet and Acceptable Use Policy Elementary (Exhibit)
603.10E3 Student Acceptable Use Policy and Network User Agreement MS_HS (Exhibit
603.10E4 NonStaff and Nonstudent Acceptable User Agreement (Exhibit)
603.10E5 Student Acceptable Use Policy and Network User Agreement 5th-6th (Exhibit)
603.10R Recognition of the Children_s Internet Protection Act (Regulation)
603.11 Supplemental Weighting
603.12 Use of Information Resources
603.12R1 Use of Information Resources Regulation (Regulation)
603.13 Student Library Circulation Records
604.1 Student Guidance and Counseling Program
604.2 Student Health Services
604.3 Supervision After School Events
605.1 Progress Reports of Students
605.2 Testing Program
605.3 Promotion of Students
605.4 Graduation Requirements
605.5 Transfer Students and Correspondence Courses
605.6 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution
605.8 Academic Letters
605.9 Early Graduation
606.1 Fee Refund Policy
606.3 Animals in the Classroom