Board Minutes – 6/15/15


Monday, June 15, 2015


The South Hamilton Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, June 15, 2015 in the Boardroom at the Middle/High School.  President Will Johnston called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following members present:  Mike Grove, Marie Johnson, Joely Swenson and Amber Van De Pol. Absent: None.  Also present: Superintendent Ken Howard, Secondary Principal Scott Dryer, Elementary Principal Paul Hemphill and Board Secretary Susan Headley.  Media:  Scott Ervin.


APPROVE AGENDA:  Superintendent Howard reported the district attorney is still reviewing the contract with Angelo Architectural so removing agenda item.  Motion by Swenson, second by Van De Pol to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.


APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA:  Motion by Johnson, second by Grove to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following items:                                                                                    

    • Approval of Financial Reports for May

Operating Fund

Gross Salary                    430,841.49          Medicare                  6,049.12

Disability Insurance          1,272.68          FICA                        25,865.14

Health Insurance              51,617.54          IPERS                      38,184.59

Total Payroll                    553,830.56

  • Approval of Flexible Benefit reimbursements for May for $2,780.51
  • Approval of Bills from all funds for June and prepaids for May
  • Approve 28E Agreement with DMACC for Strive Program for 2015-16
  • Approve payment of End of Fiscal Year Bills
  • Approve Music Boosters Fund Raising Requests for 2015-16
  • Open Enrollments: 

Student(s)     Grade              Parent(s)                                    From                                To                        Year

Alexis Carpenter     PrepK       Kevin/Michelle Carpenter        Roland-Story         South Hamilton    2015-16

Motion carried unanimously.


VISITORS:  Matt Schroeder and several students were present to discuss proposal to increase student involvement formalize the 9-12 Student Council program; begin electing officers; and have school board reps report at board meetings.  Administration will have discussion.


Julie Schroeder and several others were present to share information and concerns of reducing staff in the At-Risk Program and expressed support of continuing Angie Robinson’s associate role.


BOARD LEARNING SESSION:  Facilities Tour & Discussion – Summer and Future Projects:  Buildings and Grounds Director Curt Stoecker gave the Board a 15 minute tour of middle/high school facilities.


ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR – TODD COY:  Coy reported on summer activities and numbers participating in baseball and softball.  Also, open gym and weight room schedule on website.


DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY – LOYAL WINBORN:  Tech Director Winborn reported on:  Summer IT projects, Point to Point wireless on ball fields; cable TV infrastructure; creating a cell phone app; plasma cutter software repair for approximately $500 – $1500; and rebuilds/upgrades for lab systems for estimated $13,500.


ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL:  PAUL HEMPHILL:  Principal Hemphill reported on numbers and sections for 2015-16 and summer school started last week.


SECONDARY PRINCIPAL:  SCOTT DRYER:  Principal Dryer reported on the following: Iowa Assessments; new hires; Life Skills classroom; congratulations to Nathan Sogard on state golf; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; high school mascot and student council.
  Superintendent Howard reported the following:  recommended September 8 election hours begin at 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.; middle/high school gym ceiling painted; bleachers and floor scheduled in next few weeks; sound system in auditorium upgraded; shared summary of Home School Assistance Program submitted by Joyce Matters, HSAP advisor; revised PPEL language to include approved transportation repairs over $2,500; state funding for FY16 and upcoming public meetings scheduled for facilities update projects.


APPROVE 2015-16 HANDBOOKS:  Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve the following for 2015-16: Elementary Staff Handbook, Elementary Student/Parent Handbook, MS/HS Student Handbook, Support Staff Handbook, Substitute Handbook and Work Rules.  Motion carried unanimously.


APPROVE BID/PROPOSAL FROM PERFORMANCE CONCRETE POLISHING:  Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to approve bid from Performance Concrete Polishing of Grimes for VCT and mastic removal, polish, color strips to the floors in the middle/high school art room and south hall for estimated $32,217.  Motion carried unanimously.


CONTRACT WITH ANGELO ARCHITECTURAL:  Not available – tabled until July meeting.


PERSONNEL:  Resignations:  Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve resignation from Sari Terrones as elementary special ed teacher.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Swenson, second by Grove to approve resignation from Linda Jansen as middle/high school special education teacher.  Motion carried unanimously.  New Hires:  Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to hire Deborah Boldt as elementary special education teacher.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to hire LaRonna Orr as middle/high school special education teacher.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Swenson, second by Van De Pol to hire Myles Finn as 7-12 vocal music instructor.  Motion carried unanimously.  Recall:  Motion by Johnson, second by Grove to recall Angie Robinson at part-time (.75 FTE) At-Risk associate/food service; head large group speech, head individual speech and Hamilton Holiday Drama as recommended by administration.  Motion carried unanimously.




REVIEW BOARD “TALKING POINTS” FOR PUBLIC and COLLEGIAL DOCUMENTATION OF BOARD/SUPERINTENDENT GOAL PROGRESS INDICATORS:  The Board reviewed the meeting and recorded indicators (actions, reports, other) that demonstrated measurable progress toward 2014-15 Board/Superintendent Goals.


MOTION-TO-ADJOURN:  Motion by Grove, second by Van De Pol to adjourn at 7:28 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.



William D. Johnston                                                                             Susan L. Headley

President, Board of Directors                                                             Secretary, Board of Directors