Everything You Need To Know About Online Registration

August is here and that means it’s time to register students for school. This year, South Hamilton has some exciting changes for students and families.

South Hamilton parents will now be able to register their students online from the comfort of their own home! The district has implemented online registration for the 2017-18 school year.

This video will give a good overview to parents of new and existing students in the South Hamilton District on how online registration works.

Online Registration Video Link

For those parents who do not have internet access at home, a good working computer or would just like some help through the process, the district will offer the following dates at the school:

Monday, August 7     11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, August 9     12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Location: Elementary due to construction at the MS/HS

The registration window will close on August 14.

It is important to note that even when registering at the school, all registrations still must be completed online. Parents will be provided with a laptop here at the school to use in the registration process. Help will be available for those having difficulty getting through the system.

Another new feature this year is online payment processing with a credit/debit card. The school will not have terminals available at the school for card processing, so if parents are uncomfortable putting credit/debit card information online or do not have a card, they are able to pay with a check or cash at the school. One of the biggest differences from past registrations is that parents will not pay at the time of registration. Fees will be assessed to parents via the online portal AFTER registrations have been processed. You will receive notice via the portal when you have fees available to pay. Once fees have been assessed, parents will be able to pay online or at the school with a check or cash. We will not be able to take credit or debit cards at the school.

All parents must have a portal account to be able to register online. Families who do not have at least one parent with a portal account must contact the school to receive a username and password. Parents may email Lori Ratzke – lori_ratzke@s-hamilton.k12.ia.us

Parents/guardians will also need to have all necessary information (such as emergency contact phone numbers, doctor numbers) accessible to complete registrations. Much of the information will already be in the in the system if you are an existing family in the district. This will be a time for the parent/guardian to verify the information on file is current and correct.

Parents/guardians of 7-12 students will no longer have to attend the acceptable use policy meetings at the school. South Hamilton Technology Director, Loyal Winborn, has put all of the information into video format and parents must view this video online. During the registration process, parents will sign off that they have watched the video and agree to the computer guidelines as outlined by the district’s acceptable use policy (AUP).

Mr. Winborn’s Videos to replace the parent meetings for students in 7-12 only:

Laptop Damages/Cooperative Program Video

CIPA Laws and Acceptable Use Policy Video

You may try the online registration at any time as the registration window is now open.  We still have to fix a few aesthetic items in the registration process, but the functionality is in place.


Families that are new to the South Hamilton District should use this link:






Families who are not new to the district should register using this link:

Please note that this link will take you to the parent portal. Once you are logged in, look for the Online Registration link on the lower left hand side of the page.  **Remember you will need a portal account prior to registering.**



What do I need to register my students for school?

Parents who have existing students in our district will need a parent portal account.  If you have forgotten your portal account information, please call either school office or email Lori and we can get you set up again.  We highly recommend creating a contact in your phone with this information so if you ever do forget your username and password, you’ll have that information readily available to you.  Currently, there is no password reset feature. We have to do it manually.

Parents who are new to the district will receive this information after they have registered their students using the link for new student registration.

How long will the registration process take?

The registration process typically takes about 15-20 minutes depending upon how many students you are registering.  It will take longer if you are new to the district.  Existing families already have their information populated so it’s a matter of verifying the data.  New families are entering their information for the first time so it will take longer.

The registration window will close on August 14.

What if I don’t have the internet or a computer at home?

The registration days at the school were created just for this purpose.  We’re also happy to help those parents who may not feel comfortable with technology.  There will be a bank of laptops available at the school for you to use to complete your registration.

When will I pay for my student(s) registration?

Fees will be assessed after the information has been processed.  You will be assessed your fees through the portal and you may pay online with a debit/credit card.  There will be a convenience charge added on to those transactions.  If you do not want to pay the convenience charge, you are able to pay at the school with cash or check.  We are unable to take debit/credit cards at the school.

Other tips…

  • Applications can be saved if more data entry is needed, and reopened at a later time. If data is not completed at the time of original entry, upon returning to the application, information displays in yellow.
  • Required fields display with a red asterisk.
  • It is not possible to move to the next panel without using the Previous and Next buttons available on each panel. A warning message displays if this is done.


One thing to remember….

Change can be difficult because of the unknown.  We have had parents who have tried this on their own without any issues so we know it can be done! We ask for your patience as we make this transition to online registration.  We know that, in time, both the parents and staff will appreciate the convenience of online registration.

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