Friday, November 13th 2020 Covid Update

Friday Update


COVID: The leadership team has been meeting every day – some days two times a day – to discuss the district’s current COVID status and potential situations that may be coming based on the local trend lines.  The conversations tend to focus on the district’s positive numbers and how they relate to the county and state’s data. Thus far, the district has been able to stave off a spread within the staff and student populations. The district’s contact tracing process has shown that most, if not all, positive cases have been due to outside contacts rather than from internal interactions. The district’s positive numbers continue to be well below the county and state figures. I would like to think some success is due to the practices we have put in place, the staff’s hard work, and the effort most of our students have made to keep themselves and others safe. Any decisions per changing the manner of educational delivery will be done so based upon the posted protocols. If you have any questions please reach out to one of the administration team.

Dr. Ken Howard, Ed.D.