Board Minutes 10/12/15


Monday, October 12, 2015

The South Hamilton Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, October 12, 2015 in the Boardroom at the Middle/High School.  President Will Johnston called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. with the following members present: Marie Johnson, Joely Swenson and Amber Van De Pol.  Absent: None.  Director District #2 seat is vacant.  Also present: Superintendent Ken Howard and Board Secretary Susan Headley.  Secondary Principal Scott Dryer arrived at 7:00 p.m.

APPROVE AGENDA:  Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.

APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA:  Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following items:

  •     Approval of Minutes of September 14, 2015 Regular Session
    • Approval of financial reports for September

Operating Fund

Gross Salary 418,755.37 Medicare   5,875.56

Disability Insurance 1,409.90 FICA 25,122.97

Health Insurance 54,384.71 IPERS 37,221.13

Total Payroll 542,769.64

  • Approval of Flexible Benefit reimbursements for September for $5,794.82
  • Approval of bills from all funds for October and prepaids for September
  • Approve Debt Service interest payment of $2,531.25 due November 1, 2015
  • Approve renewing 28-E Agreement with Webster City CSD for shared Teacher Librarian for 2015-16
  • Open Enrollments:  

Student(s)                  Grade              Parent(s)           From             To         Year         

Orion Young         K Brian & Sarah Young   South Hamilton Stratford 2015-16

Motion carried unanimously.


BOARD LEARNING SESSION: Student Council Presentation – Vice President Alyssa Hegland, later joined by President Matt Schroeder, reported on the following: student council elected reps will be meeting Tuesday to write constitution and by-laws: updates on musical, speech, and homecoming week, volleyball, cross country and football; Veteran’s Day program planning started; engraving bricks for Leave a Legacy Project.

ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR:  Todd Coy not present – no report.

DIRECTOR OF BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  Curt Stoecker reported he is working with architects and engineers on building project; and there is an underground storage tank behind high school that needs to be removed.

DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY:  Loyal Winborn reported on the following: researching charging lockers; outlined the results of beta testing Go Guardian Teacher Edition and received positive feedback.

ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL:  Paul Hemphill not present – no report.

SUPERINTENDENT:  Ken Howard reported on the following: outlined preliminary enrollment numbers; report on recent Teacher Quality Professional Development committee meeting; IASB Convention is November 18-20.

APPROVE AUDIT SERVICES:  Motion by Swenson, second by Van De Pol to approve audit fee proposal from Cornwell, Friederes, Maher & Associates, P.L.C. from Fort Dodge for Fiscal Years ending June 30, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  Motion carried unanimously.

APPROVE SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT WITH MARK J. BECKER & ASSOCIATES:  Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to approve Subscription Agreement with Mark J. Becker & Associates LLC from Johnston, for participation in the Benefit Compliance Program (BCP) for consultation services related to ACA Compliance and other education/training services.  Motion carried unanimously.  The program is endorsed by IASB.

APPROVE BUS BID:  Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve bus bid from Thomas Bus Sales for a 77-passenger transit style bus for $98,885.54.  Motion carried unanimously.

APPROVE TLC APPLICATION:  Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve the Teacher Leadership Compensation Application for submission.  Motion carried unanimously.  Grant funds will be received next fiscal year.

APPOINTMENT OF DIRECTOR TO DISTRICT #2:  Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to table action on appointment of Director to District #2.  Motion carried unanimously.


SECONDARY PRINCIPAL:  Scott Dryer reported on the following:  thanked Rusty Wintermote and students on successful homecoming/activities; student council reps along with Steve Olson and Lisa Pulis will be meeting on Tuesday to write constitution and by-laws.  Shared feedback on recent professional development day when teachers visited other school districts.

ADDITIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS/CONCERNS:  Update on facilities project will be presented at the November meeting.

REVIEW BOARD “TALKING POINTS” FOR PUBLIC and COLLEGIAL DOCUMENTATION OF BOARD/SUPERINTENDENT GOAL PROGRESS INDICATORS:  The Board reviewed the meeting and highlighted indicators that demonstrated measurable progress toward established Board/Superintendent Goals.    Superintendent Howard will record the indicators.

MOTION-TO-ADJOURN:   Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 7:19 p.m.


Will Johnston Susan L. Headley

President, Board of Directors Secretary, Board of Directors