Board Highlights 1/9/17

South Hamilton Board Highlights
“What happened at the Board table last night.”
Monday, January 9th, 2017
Note change of venue:
South Hamilton Elementary Library
Call-to-order: Mr. Will Johnston
Read: When one must reply to those who choose to pose a negative statement or two about progress and the temporary inconveniences its is having on his or her life – I believe the response should be similar to that of a wise old King who would often tell the many who came to him for advice, “This too will pass…and then it will be over.”  – Ken Howard
1.  Approval of Agenda
2.  Consent Agenda
Consent Items:  (All items listed under the consent agenda will be voted on by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a motion is made and approved prior to the time board members vote on the consent agenda items.)
Approve the Consent Agenda
A. Minutes
B. Financial Reports
C. Flexible Benefit Payments
D. Bills
E. Overnight band trips – Annual request
F. Open Enrollments
3. Visitors
Public Forum.  (Residents of the District, students attending the District, parents/guardians of students attending the District, and District staff members may address the Board about topics relevant to the District.  Those who wish to speak must sign up at the beginning of the meeting.  Speaker’s participation is limited to three minutes once per board meeting.  The views and opinions of citizens addressing the Board do not necessarily reflect those of the Board, district administration, or staff.  (The district asks that any-and-all speakers remember Iowa law prohibits the Board from discussing specific employees or students and/or their performance.)
  4.   Board Learning Sessions – A. The Board heard a Facilities project – Update, status, and outlook – from Mr. Mike Fields, Lang Construction to present [15 minutes]
          B.  The board watched a Rural Schools Association of Iowa (RSAI pre-2017  legislative session priority update – video presentation by Larry Sigel and Margret Buckton of ISFIS)  [17 mins 22 secs.]
5.  Reports/Insights:
A. Student Council -Representative to present – TBD – May be moved up in the agenda to accommodate student representative’s availability
B. Activities Director – Todd Coy
C. Director of Buildings and Grounds – Curt Stoecker gave his report.
D. Director of Technology – Loyal Winborn gave his report.
E. Elementary Principal – Paul Hemphill gave his report.
F. Secondary Principal – Scott Dryer will provide a written report at a later date due to an unavoidable absence.
        a.   Mr. Dryer will provide insight into the math brochure and letter included in the
G. Superintendent – Ken Howard gave his report
a. After review, its was determined that the board had annually approved the SIAC recommendations similar to the ones presented in December; these, too, should have been approved by the board to ensure state requirements and best practice are upheld. This list has been placed again in the January packet so that the board may review and approve.
b. Please find a copy of a letter the district received from Prairie Lakes Regional Administrator, Kandy Martin referencing South Hamilton being a welcoming place to work; etc.
c. I have included FY17 PPEL and SAVE revenue and expenditures charts.  The revenues reflect the projected amounts as noted at the July board meeting.  The totals have not waivered plus or minus enough to adjust as of 1/2017 to change report. The expenditure report shows the expenditures and/or anticipated expenses as of 1/4/2017.
d. This month I have included 11 pages that show various expenditure and tracking documents related to the facilities project.  The first 5 track the overall costs and status.  The next are pages that noted “change orders” that have been due to “owner” request or have had to be completed based upon need or regulations.  I.e. – Items that were altered based on state fire codes, etc.
e. The packet includes the annual end of the year comparison data for district’s energy cost for the 12 months 1/2016 through 12/2016.
f. One of the agenda items is the tentative change of date for March boarding due to the fact March 13th is the Monday of spring break.
 6. The board approved 2016-2017 SIAC recommendations to the Board of Directors
              [See list in packet – same as presented during December 2016 meeting]
 7.  The board approved the proposed actions and timetable required to initiate the sale
          of Approx. $1,870,000 in General Obligation School Capital Loan Note (PPEL
 8.  The board approved a change of Date for March 2017 Board meeting [Moved to
        Monday, March 20th]
 9.  Personnel – None at this time
10.  Additional Announcements/Concerns
                       GOAL PROGRESS INDICATORS
               “Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.”
12.  Adjourn