2021 South Hamilton Job Fair

South Hamilton will be holding a job fair on Tuesday, May 25th in the atrium of the high school from 9:00-11:00. This will be open up to 8th through 11th-grade students. The intention of the job fair is to connect students with businesses for jobs either for the summer or year-round.
Businesses interested in participating should contact:

Staci Winborn
Businesses are allowed to bring individually packaged food or trinkets to hand out. Masks are required to be worn. Please bring applications or cards with a website where students can fill out an application.
Local business from the following towns:

  • Jewell
  • Randall
  • Story City
  • Stanhope
  • Webster City
  • Kamrar
  • Blairsburg
  • Ellsworth
  • Radcliffe