Welcome to education at South Hamilton CSD

The South Hamilton Community School District has a stable student enrollment of approximately 660 students. About 52 teachers, three administrators, and numerous support staff serve a student population from the communities and surrounding areas of Randall, Stanhope, Ellsworth and Jewell, Iowa. At South Hamilton Schools, all stakeholders share a universal commitment to strive for excellence in all district academic and extra-curricular activities to enable all students to reach their full potential.

Mission & Vision Statements

South Hamilton Community School Vision Statement

To prepare our children for the world in which they live.

South Hamilton Community School Mission Statement

The South Hamilton School and community will provide students a safe environment with high educational standards in which students will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to be productive, responsible members of society.

School Song

To the tune of Great Plains March:

We’re from South High,

And we’ll be proud ‘til the day we die.

Hail red and white

As we hold our banners high.

(Fight! Fight! Fight!)

Fight on, South High!

Oh, hear our battle cry.

As we fight through the night,

We will bring home a victory