Teacher Parade – April 8th, 2020

The parade will start in Jewell at the MS/HS building at 1:00 pm, Wednesday, April 8th. We will follow this route around each town as pictured. We would like the students to come outside and wave at us as we drive by. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


From the MS/HS circle drive, south on Division St, Meadowlake, Lakeview, Fountain, back to Division St (north), Park, East Lane, Anderson, Blaine, Edwards, (north on) Main, Carmichael, 2nd St, Lyon, then out of town on D56 toward Stanhope.

Arrive in Stanhope at 1:24 pm, turn east on Center St, School, Iowa, Kepler, Main, Howard, Railway, Parker, and then south on Hwy 17, east on 175 to Hwy 69, turn south toward Randall.

Arrive in Randall at 1:45 pm. Turn south on 1st St, Main, Long St east out of town. Turn north at R61 towards Ellsworth.

Arrive in Ellsworth at 1:55 pm. Turn east on Elmo St, Dewitt, Dubuque, Dayton, Park, DeSota, Park, Delphi then west out of town on 175. End of parade.