South Hamilton State Trap Shooting Lineup: June 11th, 2021

Here is the official state lineup for trap shooting.  We have 11 Hawks going this season!

Flight 1 Location 12 (Team & Individuals, 1st year)
Preston Stoecker (Squad Leader)
Dominic Summers
Xander Winborn
Owen Dunns
Adley Peters

Flight 2 Location 11 (Individuals)
Andrew Babcock
Landon Stolee

Flight 4 Location 26 (Individuals, 1st year)
Carter Stolee
Graham Peters
Noah Martin
Pete Coburn

Andrew Babcock and Landon Stolee are not listed as first year athletes as they have been on Gilbert and South Hardin teams in the past, so they are competing in a different category in state.

Congrats, and go Hawks!