South Hamilton Return to Learn Plan 20-21 School Year

The South Hamilton Return-to-Learn District Leadership Team has been working to develop a plan of action for the last eight weeks in response to the need for educational change due to COVID-19. This team believes the following R2L plan affords all stakeholders with an overview of the processes and practices the district has established, or will establish, to provide South Hamilton students with high quality learning opportunities — while taking the precautionary steps needed to ensure we provide the most healthy and safe environment achievable.

As of TODAY, Tuesday, July 14th the plan is to have all students return to campus and that there be In-person instruction offered to all students five days a week. Of course, the reality is that the model of delivery could change at any time based on federal, state, and local guidance and proclamations and/or local issues derived from COVID-19. The district realizes all patrons have different comfort levels and personal insights as to what should occur and how things should be done. Please know the overarching goal for all of us is to educate our children safely

On Thursday of this week, the district will be sending out another survey to gather stakeholder input. The findings from this assessment will be used to further refine our R2L plan and the many measures that must take place for it to be successful. The district does ask that you take the time to complete the survey for the data will help us make decisions.

South Hamilton Schools Return to Learn Plan