South Hamilton Commencement, Awards Night, and Baccalaureate 2020

South Hamilton Commencement, Awards Night, and Baccalaureate 2020 Live Stream Address:
Commencement Radio Feed:
96.3 FM
Due to the predicted stormy weather Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week, we are moving our Commencement practice to Tuesday, May 12 at 2:00 PM.
Our seniors will park in alphabetical order at Commencement, the parking lot will be marked, and staff will be directing cars where to go. 
ROW A: closet to the stage.
A1 – Kaden Angove (front row, far north spot, first)
A2 – Logan Austin
A3 – Aneesa Balderas
A4 – Cade Balvanz
A5 – Everette Beach
A6 – Gunner Burhow
A7 – Chloe Bradley
A8 – Jessica Burkhart
A9 – Michael Busick
A10 – Hailey Cavan
A11 – Marcus Check
A12 – Chase Clabaugh
A13 – Tristan Cleveland
A14 – Shyanne Clouse (front row, far south spot)
B1 – Brooke Cross (second row, far north spot)
B2 – Aaron Deiber
B3 – MaKenzie Dilley
B4 – Brandyn Feighner
B5 – Cade Flaugh
B6 – Jose Galdeano Hernandez
B7 – Brooklyn George
B8 – Jose Gonzalez
B9 – Brooke Gordon
B10 – Emily Greenfield
B11 – Quinton Grove
B12 – Kylee Gunderson
B13 – Lucy Haman
B14 – Jessi Harms
B15 – Elly Hassebrock (second row, far south spot)
C1 – Aaron Hegland (third row, far north spot)
C2 – Connor Higgins
C3 – Kelsey Hildreth
C4 – Kari Houck
C5 – McKenna Jewell
C6 – Natalie Johnson
C7 – MaKena Keller
C8 – Trevor Lammers
C9 – Doran Lutjen
C10 – Rocio Martinez (blank spot, but will be announced)
C11 – Sam McNally
C12 – Megan McSparin
C13 – Daniele Moon
C14 – Dawson Muggenberg
C15 – Zander PIckering (third row, far south spot)
D1 – Makiah Ricke (fourth row, far north spot)
D2 – Jordan Schroeder
D3 – Sydney Shedd
D4 – Jeremiah Smith
D5 – Lydia Spicer
D6 – Tristan Stouffer
D7 – Sheldon Tapper
D8 – Ty Thompson
D9 – Michelle Tippet
D10 – Alex Utrera
D11 – Aubrey Venegas
D12 – Kaitlyn West
D13 – Nathan Wilson
D14 – Zach Wilson (fourth row, far south spot, last)