Board Minutes 7/13/15

The South Hamilton Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, July 13, 2015 in the Boardroom at the Middle/High School.  President Will Johnston called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the following members present:  Mike Grove, Marie Johnson, Joely Swenson and Amber Van De Pol.  Absent:  None.  Also present: Superintendent Ken Howard, Secondary Principal Scott Dryer and Board Secretary Susan Headley.  Media:  Scott Ervin.


APPROVE AGENDA:  Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.


APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA:  Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following items:

  • Approval of financial reports for June

Operating Fund

Gross Salary               450,697.53        Medicare              6,334.62

Disability Insurance       1,285.44        FICA                 27,086.06

Health Insurance          54,335.32        IPERS                39,522.37

Total Payroll               579,261.34

  • Approval of Flexible Benefit reimbursements for June for $2,780.51
  • Approval of bills from all funds for July, end-of-fiscal year and prepaids for June
  • Approve 28-E Agreement with ICCC for Project Earlybird Concurrent Enrollment Courses for 2015-16
  • Approve milk bid from Hiland Dairy of Grimes and bread bid from Pan ‘O Gold of Ankeny for 2015-16.
  • Approve fundraisers/trips/overnights for FFA for 2015-16
  • Open Enrollments: 

Student(s)                  Grade              Parent(s)                 From                         To                    Year

Brynn Eide           PreK       Erin Eide                      Roland-Story               South Hamilton    2015-16

Isabel Wright            K       Joe & Jim Wright          Ames                          South Hamilton    2015-16

Grace Cerka              2       Mike & Bambi Cerka    South Hamilton           Roland-Story        2015-16

Payton Cerka             4       Mike & Bambi Cerka    South Hamilton           Roland-Story        2015-16

Samuel Scarrow         K       Melissa Scarrow            South Hamilton           Roland-Story        2015-16

Motion carried unanimously.




BOARD LEARNING SESSION:  Gary Houdeshell, from Lang Construction Group, Inc. shared a Budget Control Report of the middle/high school renovation project summarizing estimated construction costs including general, mechanical, and electrical estimates; and non-construction costs including abatement, equipment and miscellaneous expenses and timelines.


RECEPTION OF PETITION:  Tammy Schafer Schwerin, member of the Facilities Committee, was present to present a Petition to the Board President requesting the Board of Directors be authorized to contract indebtedness and issue of General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $9,900,000 to provide funds to remodel, repair, improve, furnish and equip existing buildings, including mechanical and electrical upgrades.   The President submitted the petition to the Board which examined the Petition verifying signature of 24 eligible voters.  Petition attached.


ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR:  Written report on junior high football, cross country and volleyball, camps and the Fall Kick-Off.  It was the consensus of the Board to approve the annual Adrenaline Fundraiser.   Working on finalizing a bid for improvements to the football/track press box.


DIRECTOR OF BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  Curt Stoecker reported on the following: abatement project in middle/high school art room increasing the cost of concrete floor project by approximately $5000; backfill at elementary sidewalk project; bleachers installed and siding the elementary gym complete.


DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY:  Loyal Winborn reported on the following:  laptops cleaned and ready to pick up; 360 Chromebooks will be delivered tomorrow and will be ordering high-impact cases for them; update on tv upgrade project; and elementary teachers will be beta testing several devices for use in the classroom.


ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL:  Not present – no report.


SECONDARY PRINCIPAL:  Principal Dryer reported on the following:  outlined the 2015-16 Teacher Handbook; congratulations for softball and baseball team on fantastic season and thank you to the summer coaches.


SUPERINTENDENT: Superintendent Howard shared a copy of the new South Hamilton Transportation Guidelines and Rules that will be given to students at registration/orientation; gave overview of the G.O. Bond Petition process and procedures and reviewed how the amount was determined.  Also shared a copy of an updated Debt Service Schedule from Piper Jaffray and information outlining the Governor’s veto of the one-time funding decreasing funds by $72,880.


CONTRACT WITH ANGELO ARCHITECTURAL: Upon the recommendation of the district’s attorney and Superintendent Howard, no action at this time to enter into a contract with Angelo Architectural.  Will revisit after the September 8 election.


RESOLUTION ORDERING A SPECIAL ELECTION ON THE ISSUANCE OF $9,900,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION SCHOOL BONDS:  Director Swenson introduced the following Resolution and moved its adoption.  Director Johnson seconded the motion to adopt and, on roll call, the vote was:  Ayes:  Grove, Van De Pol, Johnson, Swenson, Johnston.  Nays:  none. President Johnston declared the Resolution adopted as follows:  Resolution ordering a special election on the issuance of $9,900,000 general obligation school bonds.  Documents attached.


2015-16 HANDBOOKS AND DOCUMENTS:  Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve the 7-12 Teacher Handbook for 2015-16 as recommended by Principal Dryer.  Motion carried unanimously.


AUTHORIZE SIGNATORIES FOR THE DISTRICT:  Motion by Swenson, second by Van De Pol to authorize Superintendent Ken Howard and Administrative Assistant Janet Greufe as signatories for the district for 2015-16.


REAPPOINT SECRETARY/TREASURER: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to reappoint Susan Headley as Secretary/Treasurer for 2015-16.  Motion carried unanimously.  President Johnston administered the oath of office and Headley agreed.


DEPOSITORY RESOLUTION:  Motion by Swenson, second by Van De Pol to approve depository banks and limits as follows for 2015-16: First American Bank with limit of $6,000,000 and First State Bank with limit of $500,000.  Ayes:  Grove, Van De Pol, Johnson and Swenson.  Nays:  none.  Abstain:  Johnston.  Motion carried.


PERSONNEL:   No personnel recommendations.




REVIEW BOARD “TALKING POINTS” FOR PUBLIC and COLLEGIAL DOCUMENTATION OF BOARD/SUPERINTENDENT GOAL PROGRESS INDICATORS:  The Board reviewed the meeting and recorded indicators (actions, reports, other) that demonstrated measurable progress toward established Board/Superintendent Goals.


MOTION-TO-ADJOURN:  Motion by Johnson, second by Van De Pol to adjourn at 7:42 p.m.  Motion carried unanimously.



Will Johnston                                                                   Susan L. Headley

President, Board of Directors                                            Secretary, Board of Directors