MS/HS Facilities Upgrade


 General Overview Of The MS/HS Facilities Project

Renovated and updated the three science rooms to better afford a 21st Century Learning environment.

Renovated the building offices, rotunda, and media center.

Replaced media center elevator with new H.C. compliant elevator.

Modernized the general PE & HS Varsity locker rooms.

Constructed an addition that houses a new auditorium atrium/lobby/welcome/reception area.

Renovated existing auditorium – including the addition of a new sound/lighting control room.

Installed exterior door electric locks systems.

Installed new interior door and/or hardware renovations – 50% complete; the work will continue over the coming year.

Replaced 65% of the existing acoustic ceilings with new acoustic tiles.

Updated entire fire sprinkler system.

New electrical, lighting, and HVAC systems throughout the building.

Constructed an addition that houses the workspace for the AD, coaches, referees and laundry facilities.

South Hamilton Facilities Upgrade