June 2017 Board Highlights

South Hamilton Board Highlights
“What happened at the board table last night.”
6:00 p.m.
June 12th, 2017
South Hamilton Boardroom
South Hamilton Middle/High School

Call-To-Order: Will Johnston, President        

Read – Our job as educators is to open the door that may lead to a better future by providing students with a high-quality education, and then they must choose whether to walk through the passageway or not. 

  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. Consent Agenda

Consent Items: (All items listed under the consent agenda will be voted on by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a motion is made and approved prior to the time board members vote on the consent agenda items.)

  1. The Board Approved the Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes
    2. Financial Reports
  2. Flexible Benefit Payments
  3. End of the year fiscal bills and payments
  4. Bills
  5. Open Enrollments

                                                   OPEN ENROLLED IN



of Student

Grade Resident School To Receiving School  
Kate Ewing 9 Webster City   South Hamilton 2017-2018
Zechariah Ralston K Hubbard- Radcliffe   South Hamilton HSAP/Duel Enrolled
Anna Hoffman 6 Hubbard- Radcliffe   South Hamilton Change of Address


Sara Hoffman 8 Hubbard- Radcliffe   South Hamilton Change of Address






of Student

Grade Resident School To Receiving School  
Adeline Gabler K South Hamilton   R-S 2017-2018
Braden Weiner 6 South Hamilton   Webster City Change of Address
Jaden Weiner 6 South Hamilton   Webster City Change of Address

4. Public Forum. (Residents of the District, students attending the District, parents/guardians of students attending the District, and District staff members may address the Board about topics relevant to the District. Those who wish to speak must sign up at the beginning of the meeting. Speaker’s participation is limited to three minutes once per board meeting. The views and opinions of citizens addressing the Board do not necessarily reflect those of the Board, district administration, or staff. (The district asks that any-and-all speakers remember Iowa law prohibits the Board from discussing specific employees or students and/or their performance.


5. Board Learning Opportunity
A. Mr. Rick Young to shared information pertaining to a possible EHCF grant opportunity

B. An overview of a potential Eagle Scout Project was presented by Logan Austin

C. Iowa Assessment Data and Analysis Overview was presented by Mr. Hemphill and Mr. Dryer to present – the data is available for review in each of the building offices


6. Reports/Insights:

  1. Student Council -Representative was not in attendance
  2. Activities Director -Todd Coy was not in attendance
  3. Director of Buildings and Grounds – Curt Stoecker was not in attendance
  4. Director of Technology -Loyal Winborn presented his report
  5. Elementary Principal -Paul Hemphill presented his report
  6. Secondary Principal – Scott Dryer presented his report
  7. Superintendent -Ken Howard presented the following report…
  8. The Iowa State Board of Education for grades K-12 has adopted a new set of English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards. There are 6 Module trainings that selected staff members are required to complete as part of the process of continuing or renewing one’s applicable licensure.

All South Hamilton licensed staff members are required to watch and review each of the 6 modules, complete the compulsory assessment following the given sections, and submit the certification of completion document to the district office on or before 12/1/2017. There will be no PD time set aside during the 2017-2018 school for individuals to complete this obligatory task and the process takes between 5 and 7 hours finish.

However, as per past practice, South Hamilton teachers have been afforded the opportunity to submit up to eight (8) hours of compensated individual professional development ‘time’ at a master contracted rate of $22.50 per hour. The time one allots to this process would qualify for said reimbursement.


b.  I attended the annual ISFIS Convention on Wednesday during which presenters shared their professional insight into school finance, home rule, categorical flexibility, collective bargaining, the state’s budget, and comprehensive budget planning and projection models.


c.  Reminder: The director terms of Mr. Will Johnson and Mrs. Marie Johnston will expire in September of this year. Any qualified person interested in running for a school board position may contact the South Hamilton District Offices; Mrs. Janet Greufe, School Board Secretary for more information.


New Business


  1. The Board approved the 2nd reading and consent of Meal Planning Policy


  1. The Board approved the Fundraising activities as noted and recommended


  1. The Board approved a graduated Student’s attendance in the DMAC Strive

               program for 2017-2018 as outlined on his/her IEP.


  1. The Board approved the following personnel recommendations

        Resignations: None at this time


Hires: Mrs. Rebecca HuismanHASP Coordinator (.25 FTE) Mrs. Huisman will

serve as the coordinator for a portion of her work day along with her duties as

an elementary instructional support staff member.

Mrs. Crystal Wiese – Part-time food service staff member

  1. Review/discuss – Superintendent’s Annual Evaluation was held, discussions ensued, and a summative review presented. No Closed session was held.

A closed session may be requested as per Iowa Code 21.5 – Closed session. 1. I. To evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual requests a closed session.


  1. Additional Announcements/Concerns



 PROGRESS INDICATORS “Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.”


  1. Adjourn



Upcoming: Presentation of drafted auxiliary gymnasium proposal and approval of 2017-2018 handbooks