Homecoming 2017 Schedule of Events

Below is the schedule of events for Homecoming 2017.  Keep checking back to this page for more information to be added as it becomes available.  Any questions?  Contact Kris Flaugh or Matt Schutt, student council advisors, for more information.

Sunday, October 1
Chalk parking spots – 2:00-4:00 pm
Drop off float trailers from 2:00-4:00 pm (HS ONLY)

Monday, October 2ndCOLOR DAY
8:30 am start donut delivery in the cafeteria.  Classes will be dismissed via intercom to get donuts.
Seniors – Black
Juniors – Pink
Sophomores – Orange
Freshmen – Yellow
8th – Green
7th – Purple
Staff – Blue

Tuesday, October 3rdTUNES TUESDAY (dress in a specific music genre)
5:00-7:30 pm:  Tater/Taco Tailgate (Cafeteria)
*7:30 pm:  Coronation
Seniors – Rap
Juniors – Disco
Sophomores – Country
Freshmen – Heavy Metal
7/8 – Kids’ Bop
Staff – Easy Listening

Wednesday, October 4thDISNEY CHARACTER DAY
*2 Hour Early Out Schedule (7-12 students dismissed at 1:30 p.m)
2:00 pm Hector Color Run
3:30 pm Buses at MS/HS
-Bus students wait in the cafeteria or in front yard

Thursday, October 5thTRASH OR UPCYCLE DAY
*1 Hour Early Out Schedule (7-12 students must attend assembly) 
PK-12 Pep Assembly in the gym at 2:50

Friday, October 6thSPIRIT DAY
*2 Hour Early Out Schedule (7-12 students dismissed at 1:30 p.m)
2:00 pm Homecoming Parade
7:00 pm Football game vs. Ogden – Go Hawks!
10:00 pm – Midnight:  Homecoming Dance – High School Students ONLY

Print your own schedule here by downloading this document.