History Of The Facilities

Schools serve the population of the community (or communities) as an educational institution, an employer, and a place of recreation, social and cultural events. A community will suffer if the school shuts its doors forever. The communities most likely will experience a decline in property values, loss of business, lack of interest in locating in the community, and other possible devastating effects (Bard et al., 2006; Langdon, 2000; Lawrence et al., 2002; Lyson, 2002).


South Hamilton Community Middle School and High School was originally constructed in 1968.  The facility has had multiple additions added over the years.  In 1999, a Wrestling and Weight room with a large storage area was added west of the Gymnasium.  In 2006, a Band Instrument Storage and Music Office addition to the arts area were added.  A Green House was added off of the south end of the building adjacent to the shop area in 2009.  The Kitchen and Cafeteria ware remodeled in 2012 along with a new addition that consisted of an Entry, ADA Restrooms, and Storage.


Where we are based upon…

Several assessments of current facilities – conducted by both internal and external consultants – stakeholder and committee meetings, facilities tours, and surveys distributed in an effort to develop drafted plans based upon identified needs, patron visions, and upgrades required to meet current regulations.

Groups toured the South Hamilton Middle/High School and the Elementary Facilities and were asked to complete this data-gathering document. The information received was used to further and refine the facilities planning process.


As you assess the current school facility (building and site), what does your group believe are its overall strengths and limitations?

a.) Strengths:

b.) Limitations or areas in need of change:

As you look more specifically at the facilities available to the given program areas or grade levels, what does your group see as its strengths and limitations?

a.) Strengths:

b.) Limitations:

What does your group envision as emerging facility needs over the next decade?

  • Our group sees the following as “MUST HAVES” within any facilities updating
  • Our group sees the following as “WOULD LIKE TO HAVE” within any facilities updating project
  • Our group sees the following as “DREAM OF HAVING” within any facilities updating project.


  • Upgrade and renovate the middle/high school HVAC systems – improve air quality
  • Upgrade and install necessary fire protection and sprinkler systems
  • Create “safe” entrances in both district buildings – elementary to be completed outside the proposed project
  • Upgrade and replace lighting
  • Upgrade all handrail and barrier to code
  • Upgrade/replace electrical systems as necessary
  • Renovate science rooms
  • Renovate FCS room – to be completed this summer – not a part of the proposed project
  • Renovate locker rooms
  • Renovate and upgrade auditorium – potentially add restrooms and lobby area
  • Renovate and upgrade media center – commons area
  • Install new elevator as per current codes
  • Gym bleachers