Highlights from 3 April Meetings

Special Board Meeting Agenda # 1
Monday, April 10, 2017
1:00 p.m.
South Hamilton Elementary Library

  1. Call to order
  2. Approximately $1,870,000 General Obligation School Capital Loan Notes, Series 2017 – Open and consider sealed bids by the Superintendent of Schools, Secretary of the Board, and Financial Advisor for the School District and refer same to the Board of The district received (7) formal bids and the selected bid came from a Bank in Missouri with a true, life of the loan 2.07%. Once again, the district received an outstanding rate that will allow the district to borrow less and do more.


  1. Adjourn


Special Board Meeting #2
Monday, April 10, 2017
5:30 p.m.
South Hamilton Elementary Library

1. Call to order

2. Roll Call of Members in attendance.

3. Closed Session-Expulsion Hearing-Iowa Code 21.5 (1) (a) and Iowa Code 21.5 (1) (e)

To discuss whether to conduct a hearing or to conduct hearings to suspend or expel a student, unless an open session is requested by the student or a parent or guardian of the student if the student is a minor.

4. Action from Closed Session The board voted to expel Student A as recommended by administration based school board policy and state of Iowa statues.

5.  Adjournment


South Hamilton Board Highlights
What happened at the board table last night.
Monday, April 10, 2017
6:00 p.m.
South Hamilton Elementary Library

Call-To-Order:  Will Johnston, President

Read- The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education. Unknown


6:00 p.m. – Public Hearing FY18 District Budget Proposal – The South Hamilton Board to hear public comment on the FYI 8 District Budget Proposal as published – The board held to hearing to garner input from the public.

  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. Consent Agenda

Consent Items: (All items listed under the consent agenda will be voted on by one motion.

There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a motion is made and approved

prior to the time board members vote on the consent agenda items.)

  1. Minutes –
  2. Financial Reports –
  3. Flexible Benefit Payments
  4. Bills
  5. ISFIS and IASB Memberships for 2017-2018
  6. Iowa Association for Educational Purchasing Agreement for 2017-2018
  7. Open Enrollments









Of Student

Grade Resident School To Receiving School Reason, if Any
Grace Griffin 9 South Hamilton Ames 2017-2018
Christian Griffin 11 South Hamilton Ames 2017-2018
Conor Smothers K South Hamilton Northeast Hamilton 2017-2018
B1yce Rolph K South Hamilton Roland-Story 2017-2018
  1. Review/discuss – Consideration of sealed bid, opened and reviewed by the

Superintendent of Schools, Secretary of the Board, and the Financial Advisor


  1. Review/discuss/approve/reject – Resolution Directing the Sale of Approximately

$1,870,000 General Obligation School Capital Loan Notes, Series 2017 – The board approved the resolution as read.


  1. Public Forum. (Residents of the District, students attending the District, parents/guardians of students attending the District, and District staff members may address the Board about topics relevant to the District. Those ·who wish to speak must sign up at the beginning of the meeting. Speaker’s participation is limited to three minutes once per board meeting. The views and opinions of citizens addressing the Board do not necessarily reflect those of the Board, district administration, or staff (The district asks that any-and-all speakers remember Iowa law prohibits the Board -from discussing specific employees or students and/or their performance )
7.   Reports/Insights:
  1. Student Council -Representative to present – Ady Wintermote gave her report
  2. Activities Director – Todd Coy – no report
  1. Director of Buildings and Grounds – Curt Stoecker – no report
  2. Director of Technology – Loyal Winborn – no report
  3. Elementary Principal – Paul Hemphill – gave his report
  4. Secondary Principal – Scott Dryer – gave his report
  5. Superintendent – Ken Howard – gave his report

a. Please find enclosed a letter the district received from Pam Spangler, School improvement Consultant of the Iowa Department of Education noting that South was found to be compliant in all issues and is required to table no corrective actions.

The process has replaced the ‘Five-year site visit” we all cherished and looked so forward to hosting.   Many of the same elements and document submissions are still included, however, the administrative staff performed the tasks behind the scenes and we did not have to hold the numerous cohort question and answer sessions.


New Business

  1. Review discuss/approve/reject – FYI 8 District Budget for Submission – The board approved
  2. Review/discuss/approve/reject – Contracts 2017-2018 for classified, support, andvadministrative staff members – The board approved
  1. Review/discuss/approve/reject – Dissemination of Contracts 2017-2018 for Classified, Support, and Administrative Staff Members – The board approved
  2. Review/discuss/approve/reject – Updated Facilities Use Policy and Fee Schedule

(Code No. 905.12) – – The board approved

  1. Review/discuss/approve/reject – 2017-2018 School Fees – The board approved
  2. Personnel

Resignations: Mindy Gray – Head Large Group Speech for 2017-2018 and Head Play Director for 2018-2019

Rusty Wintermote – High School Student Council Sponsor (Shared 1.5%) I recommend theses resignations are approved pending suitable replacements are identified. – The board approved the resignation of Mr. Wintermote pending a suitable replacement being identified. Mrs. Gray had been reassigned on a previous occasion.


  1. Additional Announcements/Concerns


“Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.”


  1. Adjourn


A tour of the middle/high school project will be provided to any-and-all Board Members who care to do so after the meeting

  • FY18 budget approved for submission
  • Approval of General Obligation School Capital Loan Notes to complete the project
  • Approval of classified and administrative salaries