Fees Are Now Available On The Portal!

Finally!  Registration fees were assessed on Friday so now you may access your fees from your Parent Portal account.  Everyone has been assessed the materials fee at full price.  If you are a family who has applied for a reduced or full waiver, those adjustments will be made once your application has been approved.  If you did not apply for a waiver, you will need to pay your fees as soon as possible.

Elementary parents:
 You are able to add semester and 20-punch milk tickets to your fees.  You are also able to choose student, adult and family athletic passes.  Once paid, you may pick these up at the MS/HS office.
MS/HS Parents
:  Each MS/HS student was assessed the laptop cooperative coverage of $25.  You are not required to pay this, but realize if you don’t, your student will not have coverage for any damage incurred.  You will pay full price for items such as screen replacements, plastic covers, bags, drop damage, etc.

You are also able to add athletic passes for students, adults, and families.  These can be picked up at the MS/HS office.

If your HS student is in band or choir, they have been assessed a $12 fee for robe/uniform cleaning.  If your student rents an instrument for band, you have been assessed this fee, as well.


Parents in both buildings:  are able to add money to lunch accounts.  Each time you pay your lunch account online, you will have to pay the $3.00 convenience charge.  We still have 1st Byte available, which will allow monthly withdrawals directly from your checking/savings account for the amount of your choice (with no additional fees).  Contact Marcia Granzow in the district office for information regarding 1st Byte.  You may also continue to send lunch money with your student.

Below are directions for making your payment via the portal:


To download a copy for print, please click HERE.

We appreciate your patience during this transition year!!