Digital Menus Available On Mealviewer

The South Hamilton School District Nutrition Services Department is excited to announce the introduction of MealViewer, a digital menu solution for parents and students.

The new school nutrition technology tool is designed to aid communication with students and parents, in and out of the cafeteria.   MealViewer will deliver the menu as well as nutritional and allergen information.  This web-based menu management system will enable our schools to communicate online via both website and mobile app versions.  Students and parents will be able to retrieve menus and dietary information anywhere, anytime.  We are thrilled to offer this digital tool to provide our families with more knowledge to help make healthy choices and foster conversations about a balanced diet.

South Hamilton School Food Service is using the MealViewer Menu software starting with the 2018 school year. MealViewer is a program that allows parents and students to view menus on a computer or a hand-held device through Apple and Google Play.  There are many advantages to the MealViewer program, as it allows parents and students to view calorie counts, allergens, and other nutritional information.   At this time, we will continue to update our menus on our regular sites also.

*Allergen information is for informational purposes only. If your child has an allergy which requires dietary modification, a doctor must certify the allergy on the Dietary Modification Form found on this website.

Please find the website at: