Board Minutes – 12/8/14


Monday, December 8, 2014


The South Hamilton Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, December 8, 2014 in the Boardroom at the Middle/High School. President Will Johnston called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m. with the following members present: Marie Johnson and Joely Swenson. Absent: Mike Grove and Amber Van De Pol. Also present: Superintendent Ken Howard, Secondary Principal Scott Dryer and Board Secretary Susan Headley. Elementary Principal Paul Hemphill arrived at 7:05 p.m. Media: Scott Ervin and Billie Shelton.


APPROVE AGENDA: Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.


HAWK PRIDE – FRIENDS OF EDUCATION: The Board presented Hawk Pride – Friends of Education/Superior Achievement Award to Matt Schutt for motivating elementary students to read. Matt was nominated by Catherine Hines.


Steph Vierkandt was honored at the Iowa State Dance Team Competition as Character Counts Dance Coach of the Year at Well’s Fargo Arena this past weekend.


APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following items:

    • Approval of Financial Reports for November

Operating Fund

Gross Salary               427,912.03        Medicare            6,006.64

Disability Insurance       1,300.24        FICA                 25,683.48

Health Insurance          53,775.99        IPERS                38,080.71

Total Payroll               552,759.09

  • Approval of Flexible Benefit reimbursements for November for $3,110.18
  • Approval of Bills from all funds for December and prepaids for November
  • Open Enrollments:      

Student(s)               Grade             Parent(s)                      From                    To                   Year

Jacob Hennager        5        Craig/Cheri Hennager     South Hamilton         Roland-Story        2014-15

Motion carried unanimously.




BOARD LEARNING SESSION: Kandy Martin, representative from Prairie Lakes AEA, outlined their partnership with South Hamilton and services they provide to families, students and staff.


Noelle Houck and Rachel Huegerich served as student representatives on the School Improvement Advisory Committee and were present to explain recommendations for anti-bullying/compliments program called the “Hawk Nest” and efforts to start a brother/sister program at the MS/HS next year.


ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Not present – no report.


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS DIRECTOR: Curt Stoecker reported on the following: kitchen project at the superintendent’s house; staffing update and outdoor lighting.


DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY: Loyal Winborn reported on the following: new printer needed for use with chromebooks; update on implementation of AUL policy and continuing issues with Mac computers.


ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL: Principal Hemphill absent, but shared written report on the following: classroom observations; Rock In Prevention coming to the elementary for anti-bullying assembly; and plans for professional development on December 11.


SECONDARY PRINCIPAL: Principal Dryer reported on the following: State Dance; website to evaluate K-12 school performance; Honor Choir to Wartburg; PD and chromebook training; new students and early graduates.


SUPERINTENDENT: Superintendent Howard reported on the following: tentative Site Visit schedule; recent professional development committee meeting and plans; administrative team met with representatives from The Baker Group for services on facilities improvements.


Principal Hemphill arrived at 7:05 p.m.


DISTRICT’S EARLY RETIREMENT PROGRAMS LANGUAGE REVISION: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve language revision on all Early Retirement Programs by offering every year through resolution to eligible employees upon approval by the Board. Motion carried unanimously.


RESOLUTION TO EXTEND THE DISTRICT’S EARLY RETIREMENT PROGRAMS AS RECOMMENDED: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve recommendation to extend notification date for early retirement benefits for this fiscal year to January 31, 2015. Motion carried unanimously.


EARLY GRADUATION REQUESTS: Following discussion, motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve early graduation requests effective at the end of the first semester for the following seniors: Brianna Anderson-Twedt, Brady Clabaugh, Angel Garcia, Brianna Hurtt and Carter Young. Motion carried unanimously.


2015-16 MODIFIED SUPPLEMENTAL AMOUNT APPLICATION FOR DROPOUT PREVENTION: Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve application for Modified Allowable Growth Request for 2015-16 for $155,250. Motion carried unanimously.


REQUEST APPROVAL OF INDUSTRIAL TECH AREA LIGHT REPLACEMENT PROJECT AS PROPOSED: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve Industrial Tech area light replacement project as proposed for an estimated cost of $12,400. Motion carried unanimously.


SIAC RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board received recommendations from the School Improvement Advisory Council that met on November 18, 2014. Board member Johnson expressed interest in reviewing the programs/positions that were cut several years ago.


SECOND READING AND APPROVAL OF 800 SERIES AS RECOMMENDED: Following second and final reading, motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve 800 Series Buildings and Sites. Motion carried unanimously.


FIRST READING OF 900 SERIES: The Board held first reading of 900 Series School District – Community Relations with minor changes as recommended.


REQUEST TO WAIVE SECOND READING AND APPROVE 900 SERIES: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to waive second reading and approve 900 Series School District – Community Relation. Motion carried unanimously.


SOUTH HAMILTON FOUNDATION’S FLAG DISPLAY PROJECT AND FUNDRAISER: Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to approve request from the Foundation Board for flag display project and fundraiser. Motion carried unanimously.


2015-16 SCHOOL CALENDAR SURVEY RESULTS: The Board held discussion on the calendar survey results.


REQUEST BY MRS. SCHAEFER TO ATTEND MEISTERSINGER HONOR CHOIR AT WARTBURG COLLEGE – OVERNIGHT STAY: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to approve overnight stay request from Jolene Schaeffer for 4-8 students to attend Meistersinger Honor Choir at Warburg College. Motion carried unanimously.




SET DATE AND TIME FOR 2015-16 SCHOOL CALENDAR PUBLIC HEARING ON EARLY START DATE:Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to set Monday, January 12 at 6:00 p.m. for Public Hearing on start date for 2015-16 school year. Motion carried unanimously.


PERSONNEL: Hire: Motion by Johnson, second by Swenson to hire Mark Walton as elementary one-on-one special education aide as recommended by administration. Motion carried unanimously.




REVIEW BOARD “TALKING POINTS” FOR PUBLIC and COLLEGIAL DOCUMENTATION OF BOARD/SUPERINTENDENT GOAL PROGRESS INDICATORS: The Board reviewed the meeting and recorded indicators (actions, reports, other) that demonstrated measurable progress toward 2014-15 Board/Superintendent Goals.


MOTION-TO-ADJOURN: Motion by Swenson, second by Johnson to adjourn at 8:05 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.



Will Johnston                                                                   Susan L. Headley

President, Board of Directors                                            Secretary, Board of Directors