11th Grade Students Visit Living History Farms

South Hamilton received an Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher Supplement Grant funded by the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation.  Through the grant, the Junior class took a trip to Living History Farms as a part of their America II class, which is taught by Mrs. Pulis and Mrs. Voga.  While at LHF, they went on the 300 Year Farm Tour and were able to see the 1700 Ioway Indian Farm, the 1850 Pioneer Farm, and the 1900 Horse-Powered Farm.

This grant is made possible through the support of the Iowa Farm Bureau. The Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation and Iowa Farm Bureau believe that by investing in our youth, we are investing in the future of Iowa. To show our commitment, we support educational programs that teach youth about agriculture by using agriculture to enhance student learning of science, social studies, language arts and other curricula.